Chef Xuan welcomes you to a taste of Vietnamese delicacies and home-style cuisine. Chef Xuan and her family resided in Leesburg for 30+ years, her wish is to open a Vietnamese restaurant in Leesburg town. Xuan Saigon Restaurant is her dream. Many have come to not only enjoy but embrace our intricately prepared dishes. Whether you’re just stopping by for a snack and a glass of our Saigon renown iced coffee or to have a family-style Vietnamese meal, Xuan Saigon’s service and creations are choice in quality and suitable for any time of day.

Our establishment is family owned and stands as the first Vietnamese Restaurant in Leesburg - still the first since 1999. If you’ve supported us, we thank you and we wish for you to continue your patronage. If you’re new in the city of Leesburg or have yet to have a try, we invite you to join us in finding your taste buds’ delight.

It has been an honor for us to have been awarded and recognized in Leesburg, Virginia. We will make continual efforts to serve our customers better and to contribute to our beautiful, beloved historic Leesburg town.

  • "Xuan Saigon is the kind of restaurant that every neighborhood should be so lucky to have. Opened by members of the Nguyen family, who fled Vietnam just after the fall of Saigon and have lived in Leesburg for more than two decades, Xuan Saigon is the longtime dream of Xuan Nguyen, the mother of the family."

  • ASIAN: The new star in Leesburg is Xuan Saigon Vietnamese (11 Fort Evans Rd. NE, 703-669-6714), a spare, family-run restaurant. This is the place to indulge your spring roll cravings. The rolls are nearly greaseless, crispy and flavorful. Though the summer rolls are a little dry on the outside, the Saigon pancake -- two huge, fluffy pancakes filled with shrimp, chicken and vegetables -- is a thing of beauty. The menu is long, packed with traditional favorites, and the warm welcome makes you feel like you're dining at the owners' home. (source Washington Post, By Nancy Lewis Thursday, April 21, 2005; Page LZ22)